Showtec deploys TSM-supplied Ayrton Domino LT at Singapore National Day Parade

Total Solution Marketing-supplied Ayrton Domino LT fixtures shine for Showtec at Singapore National Day Parade. Photo:  Low Wee Cheng

Showtec, one of the largest rental companies in South East Asia, purchased 40 Ayrton Domino LT luminaires from Total Solution Marketing, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Singapore, recently. The fixtures were subsequently used for Singapore National Day Parade on 9 August 2022, one of the biggest events to be held in Singapore.

Henry Ang, founder of Showtec, chose Ayrton Domino LT both to boost his rental stock and, specifically, for the National Day Parade. “We chose Ayrton Domino LT after a lot of research comparing it against other major moving light brands at the Prolight + Sound Frankfurt exhibition,” he said. “We found Domino LT to have the best combination of being IP65 rated, with an extremely bright LED engine, flat optics, great colour and good quality graphics. It was also very important for us to have good local support from the Ayrton distributor, Total Solution Marketing.”

Domino LT is the first all-terrain LED luminaire in Ayrton’s ‘Long Throw’ range designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications requiring extremely high precision.

“The Domino LT fixtures were immediately put to use for the National Day Parade 2022, which had two months of weekly rehearsals before the actual show on 9th August 2022,” said Ang. “Everybody was very happy with its long throw ability and qualities and, most importantly, the fact that it is extremely rugged, well-built and looks good.”

Singapore NDP lighting designer James Tan and associate lighting designer, Low Wee Cheng, are the first users of the Ayrton Domino LT for the prestigious National Day Parade. “We were first introduced to the Ayrton Domino LT by Henry from Showtec as there was a need to find a suitable IP65 protection rating luminaire for NDP22,” explained Tan. “The total stage area this year was vast. The lighting coverage needed to accommodate the side-lighting of a large number of performers on the main stage deck, but also avoid some of the key projection looks. 

 “The Ayrton Domino LT, with its four individually positionable shutter blades and flexible rotating framing system module, gave us the ability to create almost theatre-like side lighting that could both punctuate the performers, but also avoid getting in the way of extensive projections on deck. We were particularly impressed that the Ayrton Domino LT could also efficiently double up as a beam light for air effects with its flexible beam aperture that could be reduced down to 3.5°, but yet not lose effective lighting output. This was especially evident during the finale segments of the NDP22 where their performance could almost match other dedicated beam effect spot movers,” he explained.

“Overall, the Ayrton Domino LT exceeded our expectations on all fronts and allowed us to vary our lighting design, undoubtedly serving as a versatile and reliable multi-function luminaire designed for intensive outdoor use.”

Low Wee Cheng was also impressed by Domino LT’s weatherproof qualities: “The Ayrton Domino LT is not only a bright lighting fixture, but its IP65 rating makes it an ideal lighting fixture for NDP 2022 as it had to last through the entire setup and show in hot sun and heavy rain.”

Safiee Sawal, project manager for Showtec, agreed: “The Domino LT’s durability and high build quality was great for the National Day Parade. We placed 32 fixtures outdoors without any cover or shelter for almost two months – there were some minor issues which under such harsh outdoor conditions for that amount of time is to be expected, but TSM provided us with a quick service turnaround and everything went extremely smoothly. Domino LT is the brightest long throw LED moving light profile we have ever seen – it has a very good beam quality and great colours.”

“We are very happy with the performance and acceptance of Domino LT by lighting designers, and my technicians love it too. Going forward, the fixtures are already booked for other shows and they will be moving into the National Stadium one week after the NDP bumps out. We are keen to add more of these fixtures as we transition our lamp-based moving lights to LED. The Domino LT ticks all the boxes,” Ang remarked.

“We are very grateful for the trust from Showtec on Ayrton products and thankful that they are the first company in Southeast Asia to choose and believe in the performance and durability of the Domino LT”, commented Tevin Heng, Executive Director of Total Solution Marketing. 

“We are excited to see Henry Ang and Showtec acknowledging, with their choice and investment, both the performance and quality of Ayrton products,” commented Michael Althaus, Global Sales Director of Ayrton. “It’s great to welcome yet another big player in the fast growing Ayrton community.”