Scorpions Rock With Robe

Photo: Luis Vidigal

German rock legends Scorpions are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, with a tour that has been extended to a two-year celebration due to popular demand.

Associate LD and Lighting Operator from Manik Show Lighting, Manfred Nikitser is running lighting for the current touring schedule together with Rainer Becker, and has chosen Robe’s BMFL Spots as primary moving light fixtures.

At a recent show in Lisbon, Portugal, 32 BMFL Spots, 18 BMFL Blades and eight Pointes were supplied by rental company Audiomatrix, also based in Lisbon.

The standard spec on the current tour is for 50 BMFL Spots, but in Lisbon Nikitser and Becker were offered a mix of Blades and Spots.