ROE Visual celebrates Black Pearl 2 milestone

Over 100,000 ROE Visual Black Pearl 2 series LED panels currently adorn film and virtual production studios as of October 2022, representing a major milestone for the company. 

Ever since virtual production technology came of age, ROE Visual has played an instrumental role as an LED partner for its development. BP2 and BP2V2 LED panels were at the core of this global revolution. In addition to using the series on-set, the Black Pearl 2 line has been used for theatre, live events, broadcasting, XR showcases, touring, and art installations due to its high-quality performance. 

ROE Visual BP2V2 panels have been featured in production studios globally, and now make up a significant market share. The Black Pearl series has won the trust and reputation of various clients throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, based on its standout performance. Studios equipped with BP2V2 displays offer filmmakers new ways to optimise their production workflow, creating flexible and cost-effective shooting solutions. 

The Black Pearl series has supported a number of groundbreaking projects within various application fields. From TV and film productions to the rental stage for concerts and exhibitions, one-of-a-kind displays have been produced on the BP2V2 LED canvas, such as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, KIMI, MJ: The Musical, ABBA Voyage concert, and many more.

The ROE Visual team is grateful to witness the global success of the Black Pearl series thanks to the trust and support from its customers and partners. As the virtual production space continues to grow, so does the demand for high-quality components. Receiving various industry awards, praises, and recognition, the BP2V2 proves to be the optimal solution in LED display technology around the world.

The Black Pearl series offers a user-friendly and innovative design, available in a pixel pitch of 2.8mm. BP2V2 delivers a trusted performance with high-speed components and true-to-content colour representation, adding a more streamlined camera setup and handling experience. With its excellent features in product design and performance, the series has been awarded various industry honours over the years, including Red Dot Awards, iF Gold Award, IDEA Gold Award, Parnelli Award, and Good Design Award to name a few.

Beyond the panels’ specs, the technology behind the BP2V2 has been instrumental in solving the limitations in virtual production. Pixomondo and ROE Visual recently demonstrated active viewing angle correction in virtual production with the panel’s viewing angle data. The system improves the colour performance of LED volumes by tracking the camera’s position and adjusting the colour of the LED pixels accordingly. The innovation in colour correction marks a new shift in virtual production technology.

“We are grateful for the trust and support of our clients, partners, and friends. This is a time for celebration and recognition as the team continues to lead with its values and mission in delivering optimal LED solutions for every application. We can’t wait to see new projects utilise the power of the Black Pearl series, exciting audiences everywhere,” stated Grace Kuo, Sales Director at ROE Visual.

“Everyone at ROE Visual is elated to see how far the Black Pearl 2 series has come. The widespread acceptance of the BP2V2 panel on film & television stages around the world has been a point of pride,” said Frank Montero, Managing Director at ROE Visual US. “The future of virtual production is still being defined and ROE aims to be a part of that history in the making.”