Robert Juliat Spotlights Teatro Nacional de São João

Robert Juliat Dalis Access 863 proves a versatile and valuable addition for cyclorama and footlight applications at Oporto’s Teatro Nacional de São João. Photo: João Tuna.

The Teatro Nacional de São João (TNSJ) in Oporto, Portugal has increased its inventory of Robert Juliat Dalis Access 863 cyclorama lighting with the addition of a further 20 units after a comprehensive tender process, supported by NAN AudioVisuals.

The purchase brings TNSJ’s total complement of Dalis Access 863 units to 34. This is more than sufficient to cover the theatre’s 12m by 9m cyclorama cloth and back wall from floor- and grid-mounted positions, plus fill in as ‘ribalta’ lighting when required.

“Dalis Access is a very versatile tool which can be used as both cyclorama and footlight,” explained TNSJ’s Lighting Department Coordinator, Filipe Pinheiro. “This is a real advantage for multi-purpose theatres with an eclectic programme of shows, conferences, debates and dance, and at a price that makes it accessible to all budgets.”

The Dalis Access 863 were supplied by NAN AudioVisuals, Robert Juliat’s exclusive distributor for Portugal and the project supplier for TNSJ. The fixtures were chosen by TNSJ’s tender jury – Lighting Department Coordinator Filipe Pinheiro, Stage Director Emanuel Pina, and Stage Director Assistant Filipe Silva – following several demo sessions with similar products organised by NAN AudioVisuals. “The lighting team was unanimous in its decision that Dalis was by far the best product,” said NAN’s Jorge Santos.

“Our decision was based on the dimensions, brightness and colour mixing of Dalis Access,” explained Pinheiro. “All of which are key features for our type of application.”

Teatro Nacional de São João runs a varied programme of theatre, dance and music, so flexibility in its lighting products is vital, and with just 460 seats, the low profile and fanless cooling of the Dalis units are especially valuable assets.

Dalis Access 863 is a 150W LED fixture designed to give first access to RJ’s award-winning Dalis technology. It offers a four-colour mixing system (red, green, royal blue and warm white 2200K) and 24 patented asymmetrical micro-reflectors which deliver powerful, smooth coverage with a variety of pastel and saturated colours.

Inspired by the Dalis 862 Footlight, Dalis Access 863 combines the same technological advantages as original Dalis 860 cyclight with body shape of Dalis Footlight. Its low profile and aesthetically-pleasing finish enables it to merge into its surroundings almost unnoticed.

“Our new Dalis Access units have blended in seamlessly with our existing Dalis fixtures and really elevate the quality of the final result in any of our lighting designs,” said Pinheiro. “Our technicians are very happy with them, and with the service we have received from NAN. The team consistently takes great care of us.”

TNSJ has been an advocate of Robert Juliat products for more than 20 years, with an array of RJ dimmers, profiles, PCs, Fresnels, fluorescents and followspots in its lighting inventory. “We can truly say it’s our brand of choice,” confirmed Pinheiro. “We are currently testing the Sully module for our SX profiles with a view to converting all our tungsten profile range into LED fixtures.”

TNSJ Administrative Council comprises Pedro Sobrado, Sandra Martins and Susana Marques.