Robert Juliat Launches Arthur 1014

Robert Juliat releases Arthur 1014, its new 800W LED Long Throw followspot for large venues.

Robert Juliat has announced the launch of Arthur, its new 800W LED Long Throw followspot capable of matching the lumen output of a 2500W HMI RJ Aramis followspot and delivering up to 29,000 lumens.

The move marks the arrival of the LED followspot the industry has been waiting for – one that opens up the use of LED followspots into large venues such as opera houses, musical theatre and live music venues, concert and touring venues, both indoors and out.

Arthur’s powerful LED engine, narrow beam angle (5.5°-15°) and long-throw capability, ensures invincible performances with a minimum output of 2000 lux at a distance of 40m (200fc at 130ft), while offering premium light quality with a high CRI (>90) – an essential feature for a followspot whose main role is to shine a light on performers in the most sublime way possible.

A smooth flat beam with no hot spot is teamed with excellent gobo projection, sharp focus at every beam angle and independent control of image size and focus, thanks to Arthur’s variable zoom optics featuring a 3:1 beam ratio. While the electronic dimmer ensures smooth, high quality dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels, and no shift in colour temperature.

Power consumption is minimised, not only by the lower power requirement of the LED source, but also because it can be switched off when inactive, unlike discharge sources which need to run constantly throughout a show.

With the choice of several ventilation modes and silent-running cooling fans, Arthur is much quieter than any of its discharge rivals – Arthur can rule as easily over opera houses as TV studios or concert halls.

In addition to the long-celebrated Robert Juliat features and qualities, Arthur offers unique benefits for easy service and maintenance making it especially attractive to rental houses and touring technicians with busy, time-critical schedules. Robert Juliat has designed Arthur’s lamp housing with separate, removable modules for the CPU, drivers and power supply unit in a simple plug & play system.

Arthur represents the next step in Robert Juliat’s development of top-class LED followspot fixtures, which began first with the 300W LED Roxie, and then the hugely successful 600W LED Alice and Oz, the first professional LED followspots capable of matching the output of conventional 1200W discharge units.

The most powerful LED followspot on the market, Arthur is set to become the crowning glory of Robert Juliat’s LED followspot range.