Robe Runs with the Sun for Rasmus Seebach

Photos : Louise Stickland

Jacob Baekmand, Lighting Designer for Rasmus Seebach, utilised Robe MegaPointes and Robe Spiiders as part of his design for the lighting and visual performance space for Seebach’s 2018 tour.

The lighting rig included 24 Robe Spiider LED wash beams and 16 Robe MegaPointes, purchased specifically for the occasion by Nordic Rentals, and these have been making a lot of impact, together with the Copenhagen skyline set which includes models of some of the city’s most iconic neon signage. The set concept was developed by Baekmand with considerable input from the artists.

With so many of the shows on the itinerary being outdoors and several in broad daylight, bright lights were an absolute necessity and both Robe Spiiders and Robe MegaPointes are make vivid impressions in daylight, dusk and darkness.

“I always thought it would be the case” he commented: “But they have already exceeded expectations” and in doing so, brought another dimension to multifunctional.

The Robe Spiiders were picked for their sheer output and incredible brightness vs size and weight which was “absolutely essential for the outdoor gigs”, especially the ‘friends’ and family’ shows which start at 7 p.m. and are in full daylight he explained.

They are rigged on 4 downstage totem towers clad in brick-painted fabric in keeping with the cityscape theme, and from these positions, they can wash the stage very effectively and also sweep out into the audience.

“MegaPointes are the ‘buzz’ light wherever you go” he stated, and in addition to that, he also wanted to use them for the small size and light weight as they are rigged on the same truss as the large upstage video screen.

Christian Dreier co-ordinated the tour’s video aspects, taking care of the content production for their own onstage touring screens which are part of their set and is also the camera director, running, typically, 3 operated cameras at FOH and a 6-way robo-cam system onstage.

Both Dreier from his PPU and Baekmand, triggering playback video via his grandMA2 light console also running the lights, can output video content to screen. Baekmand concluded: “Having the Spiiders and MegaPointes really makes a difference in enriching the depth and feel of the daylight sections of the outdoors shows … and then it gets dark on the indoor gigs, and they totally blow everyone away!”