Robe Pointes used on Zedd tour

Photo by Drew Ressler

Lighting Designer Stevie Hernandez examined how 64 Robe Pointes were integral to the visual design of the True Colors world tour.

Grammy-award winning musician, music producer and DJ Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) was promoting his True Colors world tour, part of the campaign to promote his second studio album of the same name.

Zedd’s live show visuals have always been a collaboration between himself, Hernandez as Production Designer, VJ Gabe Damast and Tour Manager Ken Floyd who also worked the lasers and SFX for the performance.

Hernandez explained their joint process: “We all see, hear and think in similar ways, which also makes it such a satisfying and interesting process. It is a real pleasure to work with an artist who has this insight.”

A massive seven mm pitch LED screen over 25 metres wide and seven metres tall dominated the stage set, filled with custom-made content for the tour produced by Beeple, Scott Pagano and Gabe.

The Pointes were deployed all around the screen and also, within it. They were rigged in two trussing towers that broke up the centre 16:9 section of screen from the two left and right wing pieces. The front of the DJ booth was clad in the same video surface

For True Colors, Pointes were prominent and were the workhorse lights of the rig. They were on the touring riders and lighting and video contractor PRG Nocturne supplied them for all dates of the US leg of the tour

Hernandez has reported that he likes the “speed of the Pointes, the prisms, the focus, the way you can reduce the beam size right down or zoom it right out and the sheer variation and dynamics you can achieve in terms of looks.”

He initially encountered Robe fixtures via various club installations, specifically in LA and Las Vegas, but it was the LEDWash 600 launch in 2010 that first got him looking at the brand more seriously

The launch of the Pointe in 2013 converted this initial interest to an enthusiastic embrace of Robe products, which he also stated were “super-reliable and tough enough for the rigours of the EDM environment”.