Robe Pointes To BMFL For Laura Pausini World Tour

Photo: Camilla Alibrandi

Italian singer/songwriter and music producer Laura Pausini started her 2016 world touring campaign in support of her new studio album Simili with a brand new lighting design created by Alain Corthout and Ignace D’Haese from Belgian-based creative visual design practice, Arf & Yes.

This includes 128 Robe Pointes and 109 BMFL WashBeams, which form the focal point of the new rig.

The tour kicked off with five large stadium dates – all sold out – in Italy for which the set and video was designed by Igor Ronchese from Tekset based in Milan. It now continues in the US, before heading to Latin America.

The Pointes are rigged on eight vertical ladders and four trussing towers upstage – 16 Pointes per ladder and 32 Pointes per tower. 85 BMFL WashBeams are positioned on 5 v-shaped trusses used as backlight, with 24 used as filler and key lighting for the band.

Corthout explained that Pausini takes a keen interest in the show presentation, spending a lot of time with Alain and looking into the details of all the programming. “She really does want to see every single cue,” he said.

Lighting equipment was supplied in Italy by Agora. The vendor in the US is Clearwing and for the seven shows in Mexico it will be Audio Systems del Norte from Monterrey.