Robe Lights Up 2CELLOS In Verona

Photo: Fabrice Gallina and Sven Kucinic

Slovenian Lighting Designer Crt Birsa specified 87 Robe moving lights including Pointes, MMX Spots and MMX WashBeams for a special fifth anniversary concert by Croatian musical act 2CELLOs, staged at the Verona Arena in Italy.

All lighting equipment was supplied by Zagreb-based rental company Eldra, which has invested heavily in Robe in recent years, with products supplied by Robe’s Croatian distributor, LAV Studio.

Due to the rainy weather forecast in Verona, all lights had to be rigged underneath a roof structure onstage, rather than around the back of the arena as was originally intended.

44 Pointes, 16 of the 24 MMX Spots and 13 of the 19 MMX WashBeams were all hung upstage in the roof, with eight MMX Spots on the front truss for specials, and six MMX Washes reserved for shooting light in from the sides.

Due to various technical issues, the lighting team were only handed the stage to start rigging around 200 lights at midday on show day – a tall order for a performance as complex and high profile as this.

“Thanks to my assistant Klemen Krajnc and all the Eldra technicians who worked like crazy to rig the fixtures in such a short space of time – they were all amazing!” said Birsa.

Three 7W lasers were provided for the Verona show by LumiLas, also from Croatia.