Robe Laughs Along with Loctambule

Loctambule's Jacky Fregonese and Carbon the warehouse cat.

With the lockdown of live events and shows in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacky Fregonese, who heads French lighting and visual rental and production company, Loctambule, along with his wife Catherine Saint-Georges, wanted to do something creative to boost morale while production companies and personnel push through the uncertainty.

Fregonese was inspired to start filming funny Loctambule product tutorials based on the company’s rental stock, which includes Robe MegaPointes, ESPRITES, BMFL Blades and PixelPATTs. In addition to lighting, the company provides LED screens and related infrastructure and works across several sectors, from corporate presentations to music events and festivals. “I just want to make people laugh during this difficult time,” Fregonese began. “That was the initial motivation for the tutorials… then it all started getting popular, much to my surprise.”

In addition to all the Robe tutorials, Fregonese has covered a range of moving light products, consoles, and other useful business topics like administrative tips – including how to clean an office or the warehouse in line with COVID-19 regulations. Fregonese added with a large grin: “From the feedback, some people clearly think the more silly things that I might be doing during the tutorials are actually true, but either way, they seem to like the crazy side of me.”

Loctambule began investing in Robe products five years ago, although his first association with the lighting brand goes back to when Robe was an OEM manufacturer. “We can have the products out on the most demanding projects for many days and they keep working and working.”

Fregonese enjoys a close working relationship with Bruno Garros and the team at Robe France. “I love the family atmosphere of the operation team in Paris and the Robe headquarters in the Czech Republic,” he concluded. “With Robe, people matter, which I respect, and is in line with my ethos and way of working.”