Robe Helps Paint the Town Orange

Guillermo Traverso ( Regional Sales Manager for LATAM), Harry von den Stemmen (Sales Director), Riccardo Castellenos, Luis Burgos (co-owner of Arbol Naranja), Juan Camilo Triana (Technical Sales AV Com Colombia) and Camilo Aranguren (MD AV Com Colombia)

Arbol Naranja (Orange Tree) is an event organiser and creative agency that became an equipment rental company called Circuito Naranja. Initially, to service their own shows and clients, they then expanded into a proactive new division of the business.

The rental side of the business is managed by Luis Burgos, also one of the Owners and Founders of Arbol Naranja, which kicked off in 2006. Their two main areas of business are complete event organisation and equipment rental, and there are currently 70 full-time staff working across two nearby sites servicing around 200 events a year, from small corporates to large scale festivals.

On the festival front, this included Colombia’s biggest and best known, Estéreo Picnic, on which they provided and coordinated the full Technical Event Production and the rental company serviced one of the principal stages with equipment.

They have recently invested in 24 Robe Spiiders delivered by Colombian distributor AVCom Colombia, also based in Bogota. These were their first Robe purchases and their first of a fully professional moving light product.

The rental side of the operation started off as an audio focused company, offering premium brands like L-Acoustics, which grew and expanded steadily. It then reached the stage where it made commercial sense to start offering lighting and video in-house to be part of a comprehensive production package.

Rather than cross renting, Burgos was not initially familiar with lighting so they took a slightly unorthodox and pragmatic approach of purchasing low-cost unbranded moving lights. With the intention of learning the basics about the kit without having spent a fortune or commit to a brand at such an early stage. They looked at various options and chose Robe.

“We noticed that over the last year, Spiiders have become very popular and they are constantly listed on the band riders and equipment specs we deal with in our role as event production managers,” noted Burgos. They looked long and hard at how Robe was positioning itself in the market and concluded it was the route to take.

Castellenos liked the overall quality of the Robe Spiiders, the effects and the different modes which made it multifunctional a lot more than just a standard wash beam fixture. “It’s an extremely useful fixture, great colours, very reliable and the size is small and compact.” He Said: “The crew also love them because they are so light and easy to handle”.

Everyone has been delighted with the performance of the Robe Spiiders, and Burgos, Castellenos and the team at Abrol Naranja are looking at Robe MegaPointes, Robe BMFLs and some others next.