Robe BMFLs Light Up Singapore National Day Parade

Photo: Glorious

LD Mac Chan was part of the team led by Creative Director Beatrice Chia for the 2016 National Day Parade (NDP) in Singapore.

The event was staged at the country’s new National Stadium, with a live audience of 50,000 and a further five million people watching at home.

Chan chose 500 of Robe’s BMFL luminaires as the main moving lights – 400 BMFL Blades and 100 BMFL Spots – which were all rigged on trusses flown in the stadium roof and supplied by Singapore rental company Showtec Communications.

The BMFL Blades were rigged on three layers of trussing running along the stadium roof, both sides of the field of play, with the 100 BMFL Spots located on four trusses, two at each end of the stadium roof.

The BMFL Spots on the four end-trusses mainly illuminated the stage area, which featured most of the acting, story-telling and ceremonial action played out by a cast of several thousand.

Joining Chan at FOH this year were Associate LD Michael Chan and Co-programmer Javier Tan.

Lasers for the event were delivered by Showtec, pyro was designed and supplied by Glorious and the audio company was Showco.