Robe BMFL Spots Join Garth Brooks Tour

Photo: Alex Perez

Garth Brooks’ Man Against Machine tour has seen LD Dave Butzler introduce Robe BMFL Spots to his lighting rig.

A total of 44 BMFL Spots replaced the previous hard-edged spot moving fixture of choice, and these are being supplied by Garth Brooks’ regular lighting vendor, Bandit Lites. The BMFL Spots were chosen after the show changed mid-way through 2015 to include a much larger LED video screen – a cube measuring 40ft wide by 20ft deep.

The Robe fixtures are located on the upstage and downstage trusses along the cross-pieces of 10 chevron-shaped triangular truss pods that move into different positions constantly throughout the show.

Robe products made their first appearance on Garth Brooks at the start of the Man Against Machine tour when Butzler specified 48 LEDWash 1200’s, this number was increased to 72 alongside the BMFL Spot order.