Rebuilding live events in Las Vegas

PRG, 4Wall Entertainment and Main Light West share Las Vegas’ road to recovery, after the city’s iconic Strip switched its dazzling neon lights off to the public for the first time since 1963.

When Las Vegas’ non-essential businesses closed their doors to the public in March 2020 to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, it was the first time that the city’s iconic neon Strip had dimmed since President John F. Kennedy’s funeral in 1963. As the sleeping giant of live entertainment strives to recapture its former glory days, supply chain and workforce challenges continue to plague its progress. However, amid the drudgery of a citywide rebuild, there are pockets of positivity in the bustling warehouses and offices of Las Vegas’ PRG, 4Wall Entertainment, and Main Light West.

This article originally appeared in issue #271 of TPi, which you can read here.