RealMotion Launches New Gold Series Servers

RealMotion, the pioneering designer of content management and creation software and hardware, today announced its new Gold Series servers, which utilize the latest video hardware and the RealMotion content creation platform to deliver up to four 4K content streams and enable interactive and generative FX installations. The new product line was launched at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida at Booth #201 in the Orange County Convention & Visitors Center.

According to RealMotion Director Geoffrey Platt: “Our goal is to provide a superior real-time content management and creation platform that empowers creativity by enabling the prototyping, execution and deployment of next-generation immersive and interactive installations. We designed the Gold Series to serve as the backbone of digital media production pipelines, appealing to both AV integrators and content creators who want to provide clients with the best possible digital experiences.”

The five new Gold Series servers introduced at InfoComm 2019 are designed to serve as the ‘bonding agent’ for permanent installations, binding content to sensors to tech infrastructure within a digital content experience. Built for longevity, reliability and versatility, Gold Series servers can manage unlimited layers of different media types (video, images, web content and more) and generate industry-standard real-time content suited for engaging modern installations.

The Gold Series includes the Nugget, 4Karat, 8Karat, 16Karat and 16Karat Performance models, each designed for different real-time needs and complexities. Each server comes with a secure warranty agreement, video playback capabilities and RealMotion’s proprietary Designer software built into it. The 4Karat, 8Karat, 16Karat and 16Karat Performance models come with flexible input options, Dante Audio support and are available with a Notch playback license.

“For integrators whose clients demand the best visual installations, including interactive experiences and generative content, the Gold Series sets a new standard,” Platt added. “The combination of the latest graphics and video technologies with RealMotion’s industry-leading software makes the Gold Series ideally suited for permanent digital installations such as those in hospitality spaces, retail, experience centres and corporate headquarters. With these powerful new servers, integrators can deliver next-generation experiences for clients of all sizes.”

The Nugget is a transportable half-rack server designed for installations of up to two screens with light visual effects and updatable content, making it ideal for real-time digital signage needs or small-scale interactive experiences. It offers a single 4K output through HDMI 2.0, a built-in HD capture card through HDMI 1.4, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and an RS-232 port for serial control. The Nugget comes with a three-year warranty and includes an Intel HD620 graphics card, an Intel i7 8650U processor, 16 GB of DDR4 memory, a 1TB hard drive and four USB 3.0 ports. All other Gold Series servers are 2U-sized rack products.

The 4Karat has similar visual effects and updatable content properties to that of the Nugget, but with added power for larger installations. Utilizing either a Nvidia P4000 or RTX400 graphics card, the 4Karat is capable of heavier image processing that is suited for projects of up to 4K resolution, such as a real-time infographic or an interactive two-person kiosk. The 4Karat comes with a three-year warranty and runs on an Intel i7-8700 processor and 16GB of DDR4 memory. It also includes two 1TB RAID hard drives and six USB 3.1 ports, including one USB C port. For more flexibility, a Dante PCiE Card may be added for audio playback along with Genlock sync card options and live capture card options.

The 8Karat is perfect for installations that require bold, real-time visual effects and heavier image processing, delivering resolutions of up to 2x4K at 60 Hz or 4x1080p at 59.97 Hz. The server can aggregate different types of content, including video files, images, Notch VFX, web browsers and more. The added power is produced by an Intel Core i9-7900x processor, 32GB of DDR4 memory and two 1TB RAID hard drives. For more flexibility, a Dante PCiE Card may be added for audio playback along with Genlock sync card options and live capture card options.

The 16Karat generates heavy content at high resolutions for large-scale, permanent installations that require multi-layered interactive and generative effects. This sophisticated machine, built by Dell, provides the power and familiarity of a Dell Server that includes two Intel Xeon Gold processors and can be fitted with an ultra-high-end Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 or Quadro P6000 professional graphics cards for heavy image processing and output of up to 4x4K. It provides superior speed with 32GB of DDR4 memory and four 512GB enterprise-class solid state RAID hard drives, and it comes with a four-year warranty that includes four hours of next-day, on-site support.

The 16Karat Performance is the most powerful server in RealMotion’s Gold Series, designed for installations that demand multi-type media layers to fit together like puzzle pieces, or installations that call for complex interactive and generative effects on a large scale. Like the 16Karat, the 16Karat Performance is built by Dell, and has four ultra-fast 800GB enterprise-class solid state RAID hard drives. It features 64 GB of DDr4 memory and is compatible with lossless video playback formats. The server comes with a four-year warranty that includes four hours of next-day, on-site support.