Real Audio Sistemas equips Festival Maleza with NEXO STM

Real Audio Sistemas deploys a NEXO STM sound system at one of Chile’s largest music festivals.

Central to the Santiago-based Real Audio Sistemas’ mission to provide comprehensive, innovative, and professional solutions to enhance its clients’ projects is an investment in NEXO STM, a modular sound system which has equipped Real Audio Sistemas to cover events of all sizes, up to and including large festivals like La Cumbre Del Rock and Lollapalooza. 

To this end, a STM system was deployed at Festival Maleza, which took place on 22 April at The Hippodrome in Santiago, where Spanish ska-punk legends Ska-P headlined in front of a 37,000-strong crowd.

Drawing on a single inventory of just four compact, powerful and proportionately-sized STM modules, the team at Real Audio designed a system for the main festival stage comprising left and right FOH hangs of 16 each STM M46 main and B112 Bass Extension Modules deployed side by side, and further supplemented by 3 STM M28 Omni Modules as downfills.

A total of 36 STM S118 Subs were used in a 12-each LCR format in front of the stage, and additional arrays of M28 and B112 cabinets were used for delays, supplemented by further S118 subs. Amplification and processing came from NEXO NXAMP powered controllers, fitted with AES network cards.

NEXO arrayable monitors delivered precision directivity and consistency of coverage on the stage, along with high SPL before feedback.

“STM gives us the power and flexibility to deliver world class sound at many different events, including large festivals,” reported Real Audio Director, Claudio Valencia. “We work in partnership with the sound engineering community here in Chile, providing NEXO-approved training on the system along with high levels of technical and operational support. We always get great feedback on STM from FOH engineers, and artists love the 45N12 monitors.”