QSC restructures its pro audio leadership team

The new division will be led by veteran QSC staff.

QSC has appointed Perry Celia to VP Global Sales and Service, David Fuller to VP Product Development, Ray van Straten to VP Brand, Marketing & Training, and Linda Lee to Sr. Director, Operations.

With this leadership team in place, the company’s new Pro Audio division is primed to position the QSC brand for its next phase of growth, innovation and expansion in the global sound reinforcement market.

Celia takes the reins of the division’s global sales and service functions after having served at QSC for over 14 years – most recently as Sr. Director Sales, Americas. Fuller’s 12-year tenure at QSC has included leadership roles such as Sr. Director, International Sales as well as Sr. Director, Entertainment Product Strategy.

Van Straten joins the team as a 20-year veteran of QSC, having led the company’s retail sales, marketing, training, and brand functions, as well as previously serving as VP of its Live Sound business unit. Linda Lee rejoins QSC with 23 years of progressive growth in key operations and supply chain roles, most recently as Sr. Director of Global Supply Chain and Operations at Identiv.

“We are ecstatic about the new leadership of the Pro Audio division,” stated Jatan Shah, President and Chief Operating Officer, QSC. “Perry, David, Ray, and Linda are each exceptional in their areas and bring decades of experience to the team. Effectively navigating through our pandemic-influenced world necessitates that we cultivate our relationships with our customers and business partners; serving them to the best of our best abilities, manage and solve complex supply chain challenges, and invest in our talent. We could not have asked for a better set of leaders to not only navigate through these challenging times but position the QSC brand to thrive and grow as we move forward in this exciting new phase of the QSC story.”

Along with the formation of the QSC Pro Audio division, (which maintains the QSC brand name), going forward, the company’s AV/IT business will operate independently as the Q-SYS division.

“As our customers, partners and the markets we serve continue to expand and grow, and we look ahead to our longer-term outlook, it became clear that in order to unlock the growth and people potential of our business and teams, operating as two independent divisions under the same QSC, LLC ownership will simplify operations, unlock new growth and value creation potential, and will enable us to better serve our customers and partners,” continuedShah. “The QSC brand has 53 years of history in the live sound and professional audio market with best-in-class products and a prominent brand and product portfolio. This realignment of our business allows us to leverage our strengths and position us for a very exciting future.”