Pulse PA Expands its Martin Audio Arsenal

Poole-based Pulse PA has expanded its existing Martin Audio inventory, with the addition of Martin Audio XE300 12” Coaxial Differential Dispersion, powered by the new Martin Audio iKON ik42 four-channel amplifiers.

Ralph Walsh, Pulse PA owner, said: “LE1200s have always been very successful and popular with clients and are very rider friendly. We were given a demo of the new XE300 — they sounded extremely good and were perfect for vocal monitoring.”

Walsh pinpointed the built-in risers of the XE300, allowing for a steeper monitor angle when required: “In practice 3 of my guys heard the XE and just said ‘what a product!’”

Flight-cased in pairs, the Martin Audio XE300s tick the boxes for size and weight. “This is a big issue as we are not in the 7.5 tonne category and I can’t accommodate big heavy monitors travelling with our Trailer Stage. Our priority is light weight and portability, and along with the iK42s, which have the same size /weight advantages, and are pre-wired for quick set-up this works well, particularly for town centre environments.”

At just 2U, and offering 4 5000W into 2 ohms, Walsh stated that the Martin Audio iK42s are: “hugely efficient, offer great value for money and significant saving over comparative models. It means that eight individual monitors can be driven passively, or four active bi-amped — from just two amplifiers.”

He concluded: “One of the most versatile aspects is being able to switch easily between active or passive, and the other big advantage is the Dante network inputs. We are big on Dante and it’s brilliant the iK42 has Dante as standard.”