Prolights illuminated Elvana Gjata’s Dekada concert in Tirana

Prolights fixtures played a role in Dekada by the Albanian singer Elvana Gjata.

Contributing to the event was ASLV Albania working in collaboration with Kuadr Events, it integrated 350 cutting-edge Prolights fixtures, creating a breathtaking stage setup utilising 30 PanoramaIP Spot, 30 PanoramaIP AirBeam, 60 UNICO, 50 Jade lights and 40 Stark 400. Alongside this is also 24 Sunrise 2IP, 40 SunRise 4, 40 Lumipix 15IP, 12 EclFresnel TW, 12 LumiPar 12IP and 16 Razor 440.

The ASLV Team commented: “The Prolights fixtures truly exceeded our expectations at Elvana Gjata’s Dekada concert. Their cutting-edge technology and versatility allowed us to create a visually stunning production that perfectly complemented Elvana’s performance.”