Proel Appoints Sagitter Business Unit Manager

Fabiano Cammoranesi joins Proel as the new Sagitter Business Unit Manager.

Proel has announced that Fabiano Cammoranesi has been appointed as the new Sagitter Business Unit Manager.

His passion for lighting is rooted since the adolescence and keeps growing. Cammoranesi can boast 24 years of experience in the communications and lighting sector – all of them spent in working in this field while continuously training to meet the needs of both market and customers.

His career in Proel began in 2007, when his professionality is needed to adequately respond to the constantly growing lighting market . The consolidation of the results and his skills have allowed him to also approach as the production processes as the relations with suppliers, at a point that after a few years he has covered the role of Product Manager.

His product and market strategies have contributed to the spread of the Sagitter brand and the creation of a further brand, SDJ: the routes he started are actually ferrying Proel SpA in the lighting sector with excellent results.

In February 2020, Fabiano Cammoranesi was called to fill one of the most responsible roles within the Sagitter Business Unit. “An important professional challenge begins. This role enriches me and stimulates me to pour all my enthusiasm and my determination to make the brand grow on the national and international territory. The passion for this sector is great and it is a pleasure to share it with the whole team. Communicating and transmitting this passion will be my main goal”.