Production Services Association announces new co-chairs

The PSA has announced Liz Madden and Tom Rees have been elected as Co-Chairs of the Council. Both Madden and Rees have been active council members of the PSA for a long time and bring a wealth of knowledge to the role.

“We are looking forward to working with both council members and members to continue the growth and development of the PSA. The live industry faces ongoing challenges, and we will continue to provide support to members and the industry as a whole. Skills shortage is currently a key issue for the industry, and we are working on a training and education programme to address this,” Madden commented.

“We find great value in our long-standing experience on the council. By sharing Chair responsibilities, a PSA first, we can more effectively navigate during industry busy periods and continue to drive the success of the PSA, which boasts over 2300 members and grow this further,” Rees added.

Rejoining Madden and Rees as Officers is Keith Wood as Treasurer and Dave Bigg as Vice Chair. The PSA extended gratitude to Dave Keighley for his years of dedicated service as Chair. “His contributions have been invaluable, and we are thankful for all he has done for the association. Dave will remain part of the elected council,” The PSA commented.