Pro Audio Producciones makes a Pointe

(Left) Victor Gutierrez of Pro Audio, (Right) Alberto Garcia of Vari Internacional, Robe’s Mexican distributors.

Pro Audio Producciones del Norte is a busy and high profile full production solutions provider based in Monterrey in the northeast of Mexico, headed by Victor Gutierrez.

The company provides lighting, audio, video, rigging, staging, generators and power for a wide variety of tours, festivals and events. It is known for its excellent service and great attention to detail.

Recently Pro Audio has invested in 24 Pointe moving lights, their first investment in Robe products, which were supplied by Mexico City-based distributor, Vari Internacional.

Gutierrez started the company 25 years ago in Tampico, a buzzing port city near the Gulf of Mexico. There’s still a facility there in addition to the head office in Monterrey, a commercial hub, the ninth largest – and the second wealthiest – city in Mexico. Currently there are 25 people working for Pro Audio in Monterrey and 10 in Tampico, and they are involved with supplying kit and crew to between 15 and 20 projects of different sizes per month.

Gutierrez said: “I bought Pointes because they are definitely coming onto the radar! We are seeing them, along with other Robe fixtures, appearing on numerous riders as the first choice of moving light”. He added – with a big smile – that Alberto Garcia from Vari who looks after his account had also been extremely persistent. He continued: “As soon as a fixture starts getting requested it’s time to buy! That’s when you know a brand is on the up!”

The Pointe has been a particularly popular fixture in the Mexican market – it’s well priced and genuinely versatile and useful for all types of shows. A lot of LDs are now using them and that is having a knock-on effect with the rental companies.

Pro Audio’s Pointes are out all the time on an assortment of music shows. A total of 40 – Pro Audio’s 24 plus some cross-rentals – were supplied to a large Romeo Santos show, specified by LD Jorge Caraballo, they have also been used on several EDM festivals last year, together with the 2015 Machaca Rock Fest event and numerous others. The crews say they all love them because they are so lightweight and easy to handle.

Gutierrez stated that he has been so pleased with his investment that he bought another four Pointes for the upcoming Sasha, Benny y Erik tour, specified by LD Alain Cortout.

With the help of an adapter kit and handles, these four will be used as follow spots – the iris and pan/tilt are disabled and the intensity is activated from the console, so all the operator has to do is follow their target.

Now he has started buying Pointes, Gutierrez is also looking at the various other luminaires that Robe has to offer.