PRG Chooses to Network with ELC

PRG made a big investment into the ELC GBX Distribution System

ELC Lighting has announced that Production Resource Group (PRG), has made a significant investment in its innovative ELC Distribution System.

Specifically tailored for live entertainment applications, the GBX Distribution System transforms how DMX can be distributed from an ethernet network. Recognising this, PRG has purchased multiple units, including ELC’s switchGBx10 and ELC switchGBx18 switches, ELC nodeGBx8 nodes, and the innovative new ELC nodeGBx8 Slave node.

Bob Walpot, Director of Operations and Asset Strategy at PRG Europe, said: “With this investment, we evaluated various brands and involved our technical teams from our various markets and segments. ELC was the preferred choice because of the technical and financial efficiency of the products. The Slave node is the perfect example of this. It has been really well thought through. Without losing any technical advantages, they have cut costs drastically.”

The new ELC Slave node is an important part of the ELC GBX Distribution System, of which the dmXLAN switch forms the backbone. With the switch as master, up to 15 slave nodes can be daisy-chained via the ethernet ports. The slave unit is a substitute for a DMX splitter rack, with all DMX ports fully programmable as output, input, merge, backup and more. Supporting all open protocols including sACN, Art-Net and ShowNET, the system revolutionises ethernet/DMX network distribution, and delivers major new efficiencies to the event production market.

Walpot added: “ELC also listened clearly to our specific needs and provided a tailor-made solution.”

That solution included the addition of Neutrik opticalCON Advanced Duo fibre optic ports, mounted directly onto the units, after being requested by PRG.

“This will make the units even more flexible in their use,” said Walpot. “As a global company, it is essential that the equipment we buy is widely applicable. We provide a 360-degree service in various market segments, all with specific needs. With the flexibility of the new ELC range, we are able to serve all these markets in a cost-efficient way.”

The new ELC GBX Distribution equipment will be based at PRG Belgium, serving mainly the Belgian, French, Dutch and German markets, but will form a key element of PRG’s extensive global stockholding, available for transfer and use between more than 40 PRG locations worldwide.