PR Lighting Go for Total Integration Package at GET Show

From the PR Lighting integrated booth at this year’s GET Show

PR Lighting took a fresh approach to their vast, 558 sq.m. booth design at this year’s four-day GET Show at the Poly World Trade Centre in Guangzhou, China.

The company’s CEO Dave Liang reverted to an idea originally floated at the 2017 edition where they presented a united booth with other suppliers, in order to show customers a completely integrated, ‘finished’ solution. This year they collaborated with experienced Chinese LED display company, DGX, as well as laser company, Magical Laser and acoustics specialists, Lianhui Acoustooptical.

“These are all necessary facilities in most projects, particularly events, tours, club installs, and customers like to be able to see how a full project solution will look,” said International Director of Sales, Ernie Armas.

On the other side of the booth, in anticipation of a strong international presence, there were three function areas — a product showcase for each company at the front of the booth, a bar in the centre of the booth and a ‘dynamic’ stage for lighting the show at the rear of the booth.

Into this backdrop, PR launched the ‘580 Series’, which debuted atFrankfurt Prolight+Soundearlier this year. This included two waterproof units (AQUA 580 BWS and AQUA 580 Beam), as well as two indoor units, XR 580 BWS and XR 580 BEAM. “The all-new IP66 moving heads are already being extremely well received by our customers,” Armas confirmed.

However, unfortunately, a bad choice of dates was responsible for declining exhibition traffic this year, according to PR Lighting. “Not only did it not overlay with Prolight+Sound Guangzhou, but it followed on straight behind Frankfurt PL+S,” they say. “However, despite that there were still more than 800 exhibitors.”