Portman Lights Wows Fisher Hires with P1 Mini LED

Fisher Hires has confirmed an investment in Portman Lights’ recently developed P1 Mini LED. Launched at Prolight+Sound 2019 in Frankfurt, the units caught the eye of Fisher Hires’ Head of Operations, Rob Baker, who immediately contacted Portman’s exclusive UK distributor Entedi, to secure stock when the products began shipping in June.

Portman Lights was established in Gdańsk, Poland in 2016 but despite its comparatively recent appearance, has already established an impressive global distribution network for its specialist, decorative stage lighting products. The company’s end-user list already includes an impressive array of concert, festival and TV settings.

With its tungsten appearance and retro style, the P1 Mini retains all the characteristics of Portman’s original and popular P1 Retro Lamp but is smaller, fully LED and weighs in at only 8kg, all of which made it a must for Fisher Hires as Rob Baker explains:

“At Fisher Hires our focus is firmly on combining the highest standards in service with the very best available products. With that in mind we’re always very closely tuned in to what’s going on in the market and take a keen interest in what lighting designers are looking for. It didn’t take long to identify the new Portman P1 mini as a product that was going to be in high demand from the word go. I know that the company enjoyed great success at Prolight+Sound with the launch and what we’ve seen since taking delivery certainly confirmed our instincts that it was a no-brainer to invest in stock.”

Baker sees the P1 mini as a product with almost limitless application potential. He listed everything from parties, weddings and shows to conferences, presentations and TV, adding: “It looks fantastic with a retro appearance and no compromise on output and effect. It has made some notable TV appearances, which gives an indication of the wow factor it commands.”

It would appear that if, as seems likely, the P1 mini continues on its current trajectory, Entedi can expect a busy 2020 in terms of the Portman brand. Cally Bacchus, Managing Director was also upbeat: “Fisher Hires investment in the P1 Mini LED is a clear sign of its versatility and attractiveness to a wide range of productions. They know the market inside out and acted swiftly to be the first UK company to add it to their inventory. Portman Lights has quickly established itself as a high quality brand with some very exciting and innovative products and we’re very happy to be in partnership with such an outstanding manufacturer.”