Portman Lights Hires Sales and Marketing Director

Portman Lights has recruited Radek Bogusz, an experienced salesman to the position of Sales and Marketing Director.

Dominik Zimakowski, CEO at Portman Lights, commented: “We are sure that this will help us push growth and allow our customers and distributors to get the highest level of support they are used to and deserve,” he continued, “Portman is a creative and disruptive brand, and we are reaching for creative and free-thinking people. Radek is a great talent, and shares our vision, energy and drive, that will help us grow.”

Radek has been working for AVL industry for over 15 years, working for the biggest brands in Europe. He has been involved in organizing huge events, including Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Orange Warsaw Festival, Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą and Ultra Festival in Split and many other spectacular concerts and events in Europe. He has also been responsible for event management for Polish National Stadium.

Radek is coming back to settle in Gdynia from Hungary, where he has been working on international sales as a sales director for innovative LED-based video manufacturer LedBlade. Portman Lights is another industry-changing brand he will be working with, and lead its further growth. Prior to that, he has been also working as a sales manager in one of the biggest light rental companies in Poland and for Ireland’s award-winning live event and AV company.

“As a great, hard-working sales person that always puts customer needs first, Radek will be a great addition to the team, increase our sales and allow me to focus on development, strategy and innovation more,” added Zimakowsk. “I am also one hundred percent sure that Radek Bogusz will be a super involved and extremely knowledgeable contact for all our international distributors and clients.”