Poland’s Setlight takes stock of Robe ESPRITES

Polish-based rental firm, Setlight expands its inventory of Robe lighting products with a further investment in ESPRITES. Pictured: SetLight Owner and General Manager, Przemek Wrembel. Photo: Louise Stickland

Setlight, one of the most important technical production and rental companies in the north of Poland, continues its commitment to Robe moving lights with a recent investment in ESPRITE LED moving lights, adding to the company’s existing rental stock.

The new ESPRITES were purchased at the end of 2021 and boost the company’s inventory of Robe fixtures. They were sourced specifically to help facilitate Setlight’s increasing television work. “ESPRITES were constantly being requested by TV lighting designers and directors, so having them available has immediately made us more competitive and cost-effective in that sector,” stated Setlight Owner and General Manager, Przemek Wrembel.

The new luminaires are primarily used for front light in studio scenarios, and Wrembel believes the quality of light and range of colour temperatures is “impressive,” and that ESPRITRES are a “compact and easy-to-use fixture”.

Setlight’s initial investment in Robe moving lights were Pointes, which Wrembel and his team saw initially at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, while looking for something new and “a bit more” than just a beam light. “We thought ‘wow!’ – the unit is small, cost-effective and so much better than anything else around at the time. Our clients are still specifying Pointes to this day, so they have been an excellent value purchase,” Wrembel said. “We also stock Robe LEDWash 1200s and Spiider LED Wash Beams. Spiider is a great and super-precise wash light and these have also been a solid investment.”

Like most in the secor, Setlight was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm used the additional time available to plan for the years ahead and believe that LED lighting fixtures are “the future” and that Robe – having been an early adopter of this – is now a clear “market leader”, according to Wrembel. “It’s not just for the immediate environmental advantages, LEDs are constantly getting brighter and better, they last longer, are more reliable and efficient.”

The new ESPRITES have already been on several shows including a break-dancing competition for Red Bull staged at Gdansk Ergo Arena, utilised by Lighting Designers, Matteus Gostkowski and Mirek Wrembel. They were also in action on the Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych (The Polish Festival of Fiction Film) Awards event, staged at the Musical Theatre of Danuta Baduszkowa in Gdynia.

“We hope that after COVID-19 pandemic, we will spend many more years initiating new ideas, working on great jobs, and using excellent technology which allows us to achieve more imaginative work and much more satisfaction,” he concluded.