Platinum FLX, Proteus continue Platinum lamp success for Elation

Since first partnering with Philips on their Platinum lamp technology in 2009, Elation Professional has experienced a great deal of success in putting Philips Platinum lamps into moving head lighting fixtures. The latest examples are Elation’s hybrid Platinum FLX and IP65-rated Proteus series luminaires, award-winning, best-in-class fixtures embraced by the lighting industry for their innovation, brightness, efficiency and reliability, all in a compact package.

Stage lighting is all about creating impactful and powerful effects with high brightness and high-contrast beams. The powerful and intense light of the compact Philips Platinum lamps offer brilliant light, a long lifetime and high efficacy and have allowed for stage lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.

The multi-functional Platinum FLX with its Philips 470W Platinum 20R lamp is an excellent example. The fixture has won praise for its independent dual optics and full list of design features, optimised using the 20R lamp, and has proven to be one of the most successful hybrid luminaires on the market. The Proteus Beam with its 14R lamp and Proteus Hybrid with a 21R lamp are furthering the achievements of Platinum lamp technology.

The need for a brighter, cheaper, longer-lasting lamp led to what would become the Elation Platinum series. Elation’s history of Platinum lamp success began with the Platinum Beam 5R fixture, an industry standard beam light and one of Elation’s best selling lighting fixtures ever. The Platinum FLX and new Proteus line form the new generation of Platinum lamp fixtures.