PixMob expands its European footprint

Following its recent European expansion, PixMob CCO, Jean-Olivier Dalphond shares what the future holds for the wireless event lighting company.

PixMob is expanding its custom approach to wireless event lighting into Europe, capitalising on the success of its immersive lighting experiences that have illuminated more than 2,000 of the world’s largest shows and events including the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl and the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and Ariana Grande world tours. The European expansion, which hit the ground running in October 2022, saw the Montreal-based company offer product stock and a dedicated local team out of a centrally located Belgian office.

PixMob has been involved in projects on the continent for the best part of a decade, beginning with the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. “We are seeing an increased demand in the post-pandemic European market, more specifically since the success of our products as part of Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World Tour,” commented PixMob’s CCO and company partner, Jean-Olivier Dalphond. “We want to recommit to serving this market the best way that we possibly can. That means bettering our ability to service clients rapidly by having operations based directly in the region.”

According to Dalphond, this European investment will allow PixMob to service potential clients with turnkey solutions in a more timely and effective manner. “This expansion improves upon the continuity of business interests in our past work, and places an emphasis on expanding into a region that we firmly believe in,” Dalphond explained. “This enables us to undertake more projects with established EU clients while also improving our access to previously unknown and under-serviced markets.”

Dalphond, who has lived in Germany for three years, says that PixMob is acutely aware of the unique challenges that come along with providing business solutions to the European market. “I have seen first-hand how Europe is a denser place than North America, and Europeans have been making intelligent policy choices regarding sustainability. This matches our belief at PixMob that we can innovate while staying cost competitive by providing a superior final product. We think that by designing our products for a European mindset, we can lead the way inside our industry,” Dalphond noted.

“Approaching market developments with humility is one of our core strategies,” he said. “Our goal is to enter this market with our eyes and ears open, allowing us to learn and adapt to serving these markets the best we can.”

While acknowledging that the Euro expansion is a major move, Dalphond is quick to note that little will change at PixMob’s bustling Montreal home office. “We need to provide as much support as possible for this project to be successful, and to not see this as a separate operation but as an expansion of what we already do,” he concluded. “Montreal is well-connected to Europe culturally as well as logistically, and for us this European expansion is simply the best use of our resources so that we can successfully grow as we have done throughout the North American market.”