PixelFLEX Improves Life on the Road with FLEXTour

LED Award-winning LED video manufacturer PixelFLEX is pleased to announce the introduction of FLEXTour, a new robust, high-definition and curve-able LED video display designed specifically for the high demands of production touring.

With its unique rigging capabilities and fully modular construction, FLEXTour is front or rear-serviceable and employs an integrated climbing ladder for enhanced accessibility. FLEXTour has the highest standard in components from NovaStar and Macroblock. The new NovaStar A8s receiving card and Macroblock premium drivers deliver stunning image fidelity, grayscale and flicker-free performance, making it the premier rental staging LED video solution available today.

“As LED video continues to be highly integrated into live event and concert touring production designs, we are excited to be introducing FLEXTour which addresses the high demands presented by life on the road,” said Monty Rains, PixelFLEX President. “Understanding the performance capabilities sought after by touring and event designers, we have implemented this high-end solution for their creative video designs.”

Using the NovaStar A8s capabilities for high refresh and bit rate, FLEXTour is ideal for both television and low light scenarios. With its one-click functionality, FLEXTour also allows you to restore your tiles to factory settings, or use quick map mode to easily get your display up and running.

Clearview technology increases the detail level of your video and image playback, providing a much more crisp and clear LED video display. David Venus, Director of Marketing added: “At PixelFLEX, many of our team members have toured with some of the biggest musical artists today, so we also understand the need to design an LED video system with the right technical functionality. The combination of the right software and hardware custom-designed for the event world enhances the artistry possibilities as well as ease of use; that’s why we’re so excited about the FLEXTour LED video design.”

With quick-seat, interlocking hardware to ensure perfect alignment, FLEXTour tiles can be built in traditional or offset configurations, and each cabinet allows for 15 degrees convex and concave curving for additional creativity.

FLEXTour also features a dual-purpose header and footer system, while the optional ground support system can quickly deploy any scale LED wall. The completely modular twist-lock connection allows for rapid change of data and power enclosures, and the LED corners are protected by an integrated cover that rotates in and out of place on all four corners for transit and staging.

FLEXTour is available in a variety of indoor and full outdoor configurations starting at 2.8mm.