Panasonic illuminates french architecture for the Monumental Tour 2021

Panasonic PT-RQ35K and PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP laser projectors light up iconic french architecture during the Monumental Tour 2021. Photo: Wozniak

Panasonic projectors are helping to bring to life some of France’s most iconic architectural landmarks with an electronic music and light show as part of the Monumental Tour 2021.

The spectacular sensory experience combines a show of light and creative projection mapping on historic landmark buildings such as lighthouses, castles and abbeys to the music of famous DJs and new acts. Now in its third year, the Monumental Tour is the brianchild of DJ and Producer, Michael Canitrot and AV-Extended Founder, Jérémie Bellot.

Around 30 technicians work on each show, with three creative managers and a graphic designer working on the projection mapping. The team uses Panasonic PT-RQ35K and PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP laser projectors with brightness of up to 32,000 lumens, ideal for the high-resolution content and easily adaptable to the large venues. The team selected these Panasonic projectors because of the laser projector quality and for their reliability in the live event environment. The quality of the image, as well as the level of contrast is also crucial in realising the artist’s vision.

Ahead of each event, the teams identify the projection area, position the projectors and calculate the focal lengths before installing the equipment. They then carry out mapping and blending with the projectors to cover the unique surfaces of each building.

“For the Monumental Tour, we need to make an impact by creating amazing stage designs in a very short set-up time. With Panasonic’s projectors and their excellent features (laser, contrast and focus), we manage to make a 50-minute show that combines mapping, sound and light,” explained Bellot.

“Our project is really ambitious, so we needed a top-quality partner to achieve our goals,” said Canitrot. “We wanted to go further than ever before with DJ stage designs. Thanks to Panasonic’s projectors, we manage to meet the challenge which is as much technical as artistic.”

The Monumental Tour has so far played at Phare Des Baleines, at Ile De Ré; and at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. The next dates are La Cité de L’Automobile Museum, in Mulhouse, and le Château de Pierrefonds in October and November 2021.