Panasonic cameras now boast MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro compatibility 

Panasonic to offer MRMC’s Polymotion Chat Pro for automated control of its PTZ and Box cameras.

Panasonic has announced a partnership with Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), to offer an exclusive version of its Polymotion Chat Pro software for automated control of Panasonic integrated PTZ cameras, PTZ heads and Box cameras.

Polymotion Chat Pro Panasonic Edition is an easily deployable software solution that allows an operator to automate tracking and filming from up to three cameras from a single PC. Using limb detection software, Polymotion Chat tracks a presenter and/or guests and provides the same reliable and natural camera moves that you would expect from a human operator.

The solution is ideal for recording presenters that need to move around, such as for live events and broadcast applications, for example news, sports or weather presenting. Tracking movements slowly and gently just like a cameraman, the real-time automated control can boost the productivity and quality of recordings in a scaleable and intuitive to use solution.

“MRMC is delighted to partner with Panasonic to bring Polymotion Chat Pro Panasonic to their extensive range of PTZ cameras,” said MRMC Head of Broadcast, Paddy Taylor. “The partnership will bring this technology to a new audience through Panasonic’s PTZ customer base and extend the reach of this ground breaking software.”

Panasonic Head of New Business & Market Development for MEBD & DSC Business Units, Guilhem Krier, added: “Panasonic is focused on bringing its customers solutions that are intiuitive to use, create workflows that radically improve productivity and unleash creativity. The addition of the Polymotion Chat Pro Panasonic Edition is another example of this commitment and one that enables users to get the very best from our market-leading PTZ cameras.”