Panasonic Begins Real-Time Tracking for Projection Mapping

Panasonic has launched a solution for Real-Time Tracking Projection Mapping that expands the creative possibilities for the entertainment and production industries to merge digital and physical realities with stunning results.

Amazing visual effects can be achieved by projecting images in real-time, with pin-point accuracy, onto fast moving objects using the Real-Time Tracking Software Development Kit (ET-SWR10) for the Panasonic PT-RQ35K projector.

The projector, in combination with an infrared emitter, camera, marker and a content server, creates a Real-Time Tracking Projection Mapping System that is ideal for use by production companies and at live entertainment events, theme parks, museums and esports.

The kit enables the 30,500 lumen, 3-Chip DLP laser projector to accept and output 240Hz HD signals delivering enhanced images with a latency of just 5ms and the ability for virtual real-time tracking with the precise location calibration of moving objects. The addition of dedicated software from the kit onto the content server enables the images to be easily mapped to the moving object or performer using a single cable connection between the projector and content server (HDMI/Display Port).

“Using this groundbreaking, real-time technology the creative possibilities are endless,” said Panasonic Business European Marketing Manager, Hartmut Kulessa. “I have seen logos and images perfectly projected onto fast moving basketballs as they fly around the court and stunning visual effects tracking the every movement of artists as they leap around the stage. This solution is ideal for location based entertainment venues looking to draw back the crowds with exciting new immersive experiences, and for production companies to create innovative new video advertising and marketing campaigns.”