Outline GTO used at Nextech Festival

Staged since 2006, Nextech is one of Italy’s longest lasting electronic and visual arts festivals, drawing international EDM artists to Florence.

The organisers called in rental firm Emporio On Stage to supply the festival set-up for headliner Chris Liebig’s December 2016 performance. As well as being the first Italian rental firm to purchase Outline’s GTO system, the audio contractor also recently expanded its Outline stock with the purchase of 12 Mantas 28 line array systems.

Owner Angelo Catoni explained: “The main system comprised two stacked arrays of six Outline GTO per side and two more arrays, each with three GTO per side on in-fill duty. We installed eight Outline DBS 18-2 subs and 4+4 Outline LAB 21 HS infra-subs for the bottom end at the stage. Half way down the room, we added even more punch with 4+4 DBS 18-2 subs.”

Nextech Legend was staged on 7th December 2016 at Fortezza da Basso.