Onstage Systems partners PK Sound

(L-R): Onstage Systems Audio Manager, Ben Bruce; Owner, Hyacinth Belcher and PK Sound Lead Audio Technician, Michelle Strahm.

PK Sound has entered into an expansive new partnership with Dallas, TX-based show services provider Onstage Systems.

In addition to joining the PK Alliance with an investment in a T10 robotic line source system, Onstage will warehouse large-format Trinity Black robotic systems for dry-hire rentals to other Alliance Members.

“PK Sound is a very forward-thinking company, both in terms of their technology but also with the PK Alliance concept and the way they’re collaborating with their partners,” shared Hyacinth Belcher, Owner and President of Onstage Systems. “This is a model I wholeheartedly believe in and feel is the right move forward for many of us – and PK is the first company to do it.”

Onstage Systems has taken ownership of 16 T10 medium-format robotic line source elements, eight of the company’s new T218 subwoofers, and a PK Cell, which combines power, signal, and network data distribution in a globally standardized, modular touring rack. As an Alliance Member, they also have exclusive access to large-format Trinity Black robotic systems for more demanding applications.

“PK’s innovative robotic technology offers a new set of tools for audio engineers to quickly set up their systems and fix coverage issues in real time. Having those capabilities gives us a step up in creating the best possible audio experience for our clients,” adds Michelle Strahm, Onstage’s lead PK system technician.

With their new partnership, Strahm and her colleagues at Onstage are actively assisting with alpha testing and development of PK’s incoming .dynamics software, which unites every aspect of the modern live sound workflow in a single solution.

Founded in 1978, Onstage Systems is a full-service event production company committed to creating lasting memories. They specialize in design, production management, audio, lighting, video, staging, backline, rooftops, and crowd control for events of any scale and scope.

Since joining the PK Alliance, Onstage Systems has deployed PK systems for major events like the So What?! Music Festival in Dallas, collaborated on cross-network applications, and serviced Trinity Black rentals for other Alliance Partners.

“I think a good partnership starts with company culture, and one of the main reasons I’m so impressed by PK is the group of people behind this technology and brand,” Belcher added in closing. “That culture makes for a great fit with Onstage Systems and has been important in establishing a good relationship and growing our success together.”