Odesza: The Last Goodbye

One of the most talked about acts in the EDM market, Odesza and their tight-knit touring family bring The Last Goodbye to fans up and down the US. Before starting another round of touring in 2023, TPi takes the time to speak to those behind their audacious live show.

There is no doubt that touring post-pandemic has become much trickier than in years past. With longer lead times, a lack of resources for both equipment and crew, and every aspect of touring becoming increasingly expensive, many up-and-coming artists are erring on the side of caution when it comes to pushing the envelope of a live show. However, despite these notable roadblocks, American EDM duo Odesza are still pushing for progression no matter the size of venue they are playing. 

With a visually striking stage show that adds live instrumentation to the traditional EDM setting – most notably with an eight-piece drumline – the production seems to borrow just as much inspiration from prog rock as it does others in the dance music sphere. With the group taking a break over Christmas, TPi caught up with several of the key decision makers within the camp to learn how they were looking to keep pushing their impressive live show. 

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Julian Bajsel