NEXT-proaudio Reinforces Radio Festival

A range of top Portuguese singers, such as Paulo Gonzo, Diogo Piçarra, D.A.M.A, C4 Pedro, Marco Paulo, etc, were all converged on Gondomar´s Pavillion for Radio Festival Party, considered the biggest Portuguese Music Party.

Brought in to energise the nearly 8,000 strong crowd at this year’s Radio Festival’s Party in Porto were over 64 NEXT-proaudio’s Loudspeakers, supplied by Mega Ensaio Rental Company.

These NEXT-proaudio systems included arrays of 20 LA212x 3-way enclosures for main reinforcement. For low-end, 16 NEXT LAs418 subwoofers stacked by pairs of 2 units below the main arrays. Two-way Active Line Array LA122A cabinets were deployed as both side fills, in arrays of 4 enclosures per side with 4 LAs118A Active Subwoofers. The monitoring included 12 Active 14” Stage monitors LAm114xA while the front fill comprised 4 LA122A. The entire setup was powered and managed via NEXT-proaudio LA touring racks.

Mega Ensaio has worked with Radio Festival organiser on several previous high-profile events. “We have been working with Radio Festival for a long time,” said Antonio Fonseca, Technical Director of Mega Ensaio.

“As technical director of this event, I can consider that the system has delivered a very consistent sounding show and was close to perfect. The bands, artists and Radio Festival were really satisfied at the end of the show with the sound quality”.

NEXT-proaudio sent a team to the venue to offer technical support and help with the final alignment of the whole system.