NEXT-proaudio Introduces the new LA122.v2

NEXT-proaudio's new LA122.v2 cabinets
NEXT-proaudio has released the new LA122.v2 which joined the LA family and is the redesigned version of the popular NEXT LA122, integrating the same internal components into a smaller and lighter box.
It incorporates advanced neodymium speakers, custom made by B&C Speakers and is capable of generating 1120W of high-definition power for a very high acoustic pressure for medium to large scale applications. 
This system is ideal for use in permanent installations or in touring systems. The new system comprises three models, two-line arrays elements, with different coverage angles and a companion subwoofer system allowing a wide configuration versatility.
The Hybrid-Horn subwoofer LAs118.v2 is equipped with a custom-made B&C, long excursion, 18-inch neodymium woofer. And it shares the same rigging technology the NEXT LA122.v2 and NEXT LA122W.v2 have, including flexible integration, both on the ground or on the top of the NEXT LA122.v2 arrays.
For touring applications, NEXT LA122.v2 can be associated to the N-RAK, a universal distribution platform for power, audio signals and network.
With the dedicated factory presets, the Powersoft X8 and X4 amplified controller integrated on N-RAK constitutes an extremely advanced and precise drive system for the enclosures. 
The cabinets can also be finished in a variety of colours to suit fixed installations.