NEXO STM Modular Arrays Make First Italian Tour Appearance

The 2016 comedy tour of Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo was an important one for sound rental company Joint Rent, based in Ravenna. To service the extensive tour, the company invested in NEXO’s STM Series modular line array, purchasing the new omnipurpose STM M28 cabinet to use as the main module alongside B112 bass and S118 sub modules.

“From the beginning, we believed in the potential of the M28 and the STM concept. For a tour like this, it was definitely the right PA product, offering complete modular assembly, very fast rigging and ease of set up,” said Gianni Fantini, CEO of Joint Rent.

With its extensive inventory of NEXO cabinets, Joint Rent was able to reconfigure systems to suit the different sized venues on the tour itinerary. Main PA was typically 12 STM M28 per side, expanded to 16 M28 per side in the largest venues. Six B112 bass modules and eight STM S118 subs were used. GEO D10 side fills were exchanged for GEO M6 cabinets in the smaller theatres, with NEXO’s new ID24s for monitors and front fill.

“We won our bet with the crew and the production,” said Fantini. “They couldn’t believe that such a small array could push out all that volume, and that we would be able to get coverage in all the different venues (35m in the smallest, 75m in the Assago Forum) without a delay system. We just varied the number of M28 main cabinets, and enjoyed the looks of surprise on their faces!”

Front-of-House Engineer Franco Landi praised the M28: “One of the best NEXO products I’ve ever heard, and probably the best product that I’ve ever used. It’s a small cabinet, it’s easy to rig but very clear and powerful. A perfect choice for this kind of work, thanks to the double 8” driver that can push the vocals over a very long distance.”

Landi and the Joint Rent team were also pleasantly surprised by the ID24, NEXO’s newest and smallest cabinet. “It’s compact so it can be hidden easily, but it’s powerful enough to cover the front of the stage (10m x 5m) where the trio is performing. We chose four ID24, with 120° x 60° dispersion, and the result was amazing.”

Gianni Fantini points out that his rental house has been using and selling NEXO for more than 10 years: “All the NEXO line arrays, from GEO S8 to GEO T to GEO D, have passed through our warehouse, so I can really appreciate how far NEXO has come with the STM Series. These cabinets can work in every venue, from the smallest to the largest. We couldn’t do without it now, and I expect the Italian market will soon share our view.”