NEWSUBSTANCE announces a joint venture with Singaporean company SKYMAGIC to deliver performance drone shows around the world.

Over the past 5 years, both companies have been at the vanguard of drone-based light shows. By joining forces as one company with offices in Europe and Asia, SKYMAGIC is positioned to truly push the boundaries of artistic performance, harnessing the latest cutting-edge drone technologies to deliver spectacular entertainment solutions around the globe – in both outdoor and indoor environments.

SKYMAGIC is an autonomously flown indoor and outdoor performance drone system. Creative and dynamic, our customised fleet of performance drones are each mounted with a super bright RGB pixel and operated via a single ground control station. Launched high into the night sky or within an enclosed venue, our swarm formation drone offering can execute stunning 3D displays and mesmerising choreographic sequences to dazzling effect.

Earlier this week, Leeds-based creative studio NEWSUBSTANCE marked the beginning of its joint venture with Singaporean company SKYMAGIC by delivering the UK’s first large-scale drone performance, capping the Great Exhibition of the North’s Opening Spectacular.

The event, which drew on talent from across the North of England’s creative industries, attracted huge crowds to Newcastle’s Quayside. The mesmerising show, which featured 100 SKYMAGIC performance drones – each equipped with colour-changing LEDs – was developed around a track written and produced by electronic duo Darkstar. It explored the notion of home and what we perceive as home. SKYMAGIC’s choreography was designed to spark a sense of pride by drawing on the region’s rich heritage and celebrating its exciting future.