Neutrik enhances FIBERFOX production lines

Neutrik Group adds new FIBERFOX production lines, facilitating improved lead times and new production concepts.

Neutrik Group has completed two new FIBERFOX production lines, now in operation, at the group’s Connex Oldenburg plant in Germany.

As a result, market demand for NEUTRIK FIBERFOX products will be significantly better served going forward, with one third reduction in standard delivery times.

Dietmar Rottinghaus, Managing Director of Connex, said. “Since joining the Neutrik Group in 2021 our sales have gone from strength to strength. The completion of these production lines supports that success and invests in our continuing growth, with new products for the AV and Industrial sectors planned for announcement in 2022”.

FIBERFOX’s hermaphroditic coupling – the connector capable of both front- and rear-mounting – eliminates the need for adaptors and female and male mating halves. Available in two-channel and four-channel variants, with either configuration compatible with the other, and other MIL-DTL-83526 specified systems, it dramatically improves mating ability. These are available as both pre-assembled network cables, in standardized lengths, and as the FIBERFOX briDge chassis connector, which fits into the ubiquitous NEUTRIK D-shape cutout. The unique FIBERFOX briDge chassis connector is the first of its kind to convert standard LC patch cables into an expanded beam solution. Acting as a ‘feed-through’ and fitting into an industry standard D-size shell.

FIBERFOX offers considerable technical and market advantage across a vast array of applications including AV networking, lighting, touring sound and event production, video, broadcast, and in wider industrial and strategic sectors including government communications, security, transportation and energy.