Nena takes CODA Audio on the road across Europe with Ambion

Oliver Steinberger

Event technology service provider Ambion supplied the audio for the German band, Nena’s 2018 tour, which encompassed shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. The size of the shows varied between audiences of 2,000 and 10,000.

The tour budget specified one 40 tonne semi-trailer for the entire audio inventory, so given the variety of venue sizes, Ambion supplied a system with the best power to size/weight ratio currently available on the market – CODA Audio AiRAY. AiRAY was supplemented by ViRAY, SC2-F sensor-controlled bass extensions, SCP-F sensor-controlled subwoofers and APS for near-fill and side fill.

Front of House engineer Oliver Steinberger commented: “Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of the systems it was easy to determine the optimum set-up for each venue to obtain the best possible homogenous coverage of the entire frequency spectrum. The system is visually discreet and also comparatively light.

It was noteworthy that even acoustically difficult halls, for example, those with deep balconies or high tiers, did not pose any problems. Every area of the audience was covered in such a way that I was confident that the rear rows and balconies were connected to the action just as much as those in the front.

As well as the incredibly efficient high-frequency drivers, which highlighted the full range of keyboard textures even at great distances, the precise, sensor-controlled subs also deserve a special mention. Listening to the system whilst playing my usual songs, gave me completely new insights – the impulse fidelity enabled me to hear things I had not ever previously perceived…

The outdoor concerts really revealed the system’s true potential, where in addition to the range and excellent sound quality, it proved to be remarkably unsusceptible to the wind. Summing it up in one sentence, I’d say it was simply a pleasure to mix on it!”

CODA Audio’s credentials were displayed in full during a tour that asked questions of every aspect of the system’s flexibility and adaptability, across the full range of live applications. From small theatres through to large outdoor settings, The AiRAY system in whatever configuration was required, delivered powerful, high-quality sound to every member of the audience without fail. Its incomparable power to weight/size ratio helped to significantly reduce transport costs on the 45-date tour, demonstrating once again that as a complete touring package, CODA Audio AiRAY is hard to beat.