Neg Earth Lights becomes UK’s largest stockist of EXE TECHNOLOGY hoists

Neg Earth Lights Motors and Automation Technician, Fadil Abanur; Motors and Automation Manager, Rick Williamson; Motors and Automation Technician, Andrea Cammisa; Motors, Automation and Rigging Placement Technician, Owen Croxton; Motors and Automation Technician, Igor Belotti; Senior Motors and Automation Technician, Luke Whitely.

Neg Earth Lights has considerably expanded its extensive EXE TECHNOLOGY fleet of hoists, making a substantial investment in an additional 56 EXE Rise 2000KG D8+ LVC (double fall) motors.

The investment reportedly makes Neg Earth Lights the largest stockist of EXE TECHNOLOGY hoists in the UK, with over 1,100 EXE hoists across the range covering: 250, 500, 1000 and 2000KG units.

The decision to strengthen its collaboration with EXE TECHNOLOGY underscores Neg’s dedication to fostering continuous investment and innovation in its Motors and Rigging department. This strategic investment comes at a pivotal time as the industry enters a busy touring and festival season, which has seen increased demand generally and additional requirement for the EXE Rise 2000KG D8+ LVC units especially.

The EXE Rise 2000KG D8+ LVC hoist has a reputation of being ‘touring friendly’ due to its body size being comparable with the 1000KG unit, the capability of the motor, and most importantly compliance with the strenuous lifting safety standards within the entertainment industry. The 2000KG provides the perfect workhorse solution aligned to the complexity and the scale of many of the shows Neg are provisioning for. Tour schedules are becoming more condensed, coupled with an increase in kit required for advanced packages for pre-rigging and leap-frogging shows, now seen with many of Neg’s bigger clients.

Rick Williamson, Motors and Automation Manager at Neg Earth Lights, commented on the investment: “You only need to look at our stock levels to understand the faith we have in the EXE Rise range of chain hoists. Neg Earth have now more than 1,100 in our rental stock, we own 250kg, 500kg, 1,000kg and 2000kg hoists. Not only do these hoists comply with the latest lifting safety standards in the entertainment industry, but they are also reliable and robust. They have become the chain hoist of choice within our fleet for the live events we supply to.”

Williamson highlighted the arrival of the additional EXE Rise 2000kg D8+ double fall hoists: “Happy to take delivery last week of another 56 more EXE Rise 2000kg D8+ LVC (double fall) 25m and 30m chains. Having a working load limit of 2000kg but with the same size body as a 1000kg, lends to a touring-friendly hoist that is so popular with our customers. Considering their needs, we have designed our entire EXE range flight cases to have the same external dimensions, allowing for a convenient truck pack.”

Neg works with some of the biggest names and artists across the entertainment industry, spanning large-scale music festivals, world-renowned music tours, ceremonies and live events across the UK and Europe. The company strive to continually invest in the most state-of-the-art sustainably driven equipment, advanced technology, where service and reliability are paramount.

The importance of reliable and efficient rigging solutions cannot be overstated as the entertainment industry evolves and embraces new technology and advances with more complex shows. The ongoing relationship with Area Four Industries UK and the continued investment from Neg Earth Lights with EXE TECHNOLOGY is a testament to the evolving landscape of the live entertainment sector, increased demand for EXE hoists and the importance of setting the standard for safety, efficiency and sustainability whilst providing the best-in-class.