Meyer Sound introduces 2100-LFC to the market

Meyer Sound Engineering Director, Acoustical & Mechanical, Katie Murphy Khulusi lifts the lid on the company’s latest self-powered loudspeaker.

Why was the 2100-LFC created?

“To introduce a new high-powered subwoofer that brought the power of an 1100-LFC, but the new technology and compact profile that our customers expected after the success of PANTHER.”

Which key features of the subwoofer will end users benefit from?

“A few things come to mind: the ultra-low distortion, extended bandwidth, and consistent linearity even at high power.”

How did the pre-existing PANTHER family inspire the creation of 2100-LFC?

“From our success with PANTHER, we saw that it was very important to keep dual analogue/Milan AVB inputs, prioritise size, weight, and ability to be easily manoeuvred, and general ease of system integration.”

How important is the ‘active cooling’ feature?

“In a self-powered loudspeaker, not allowing the amplifier and driver(s) to overheat is the key to high-powered performance. Our active cooling system ensures that as the needs required from the loudspeaker increase, we keep the inside of the driver cool. This makes sure that performance stays linear, with very low distortion, even at the highest of levels.”

What does the 2100-LFC weigh in at? 

“The speaker itself is 235lbs (106.6kg). We were able to save weight with our new Class D amplifier, single 21in driver, and more efficient, holistic design principles. From the beginning, we put a priority on weight savings and a compact footprint.”

What has the response been from end users?

“The 2100-LFC is just making its way out into the field as the new subwoofer started shipping in August. We are looking forward to hearing feedback on the highly anticipated new sub.”

Photo: Meyer Sound