MegaPointes Light Voice of a Million

Dawn Tolmie – PhotoKandi

Robe MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s, purchased by UK-based rental and technical specialist DMX Productions, were used to light the 2018 Voice in a Million extravaganza which was staged at London’s SSE Wembley Arena.

Voice in a Million amasses some of the largest children’s choirs in the world.

Voice in a Million was founded by Robert and Jo Garofalo in 2006, to raise awareness of the millions of children worldwide who are orphaned, abandoned or separated from their birth parents. In 2009 the Voice in a Million shows began to showcase children’s choirs from around the UK. Now these annual shows are full scale arena concerts with some of the largest  children’s choirs in the world.

DMX productions, for the second year, supplied lighting and all other technical elements – including audio and video – for this year’s VIAM Wembley event. The lighting was designed by Tom Grant and operated by Jack Pettit.

A network of flown trusses was installed in the venue’s roof, and the 16 x MegaPointes were hung on sections of super-truss. The 44 Robe LEDBeam 150s were attached to vertical ladders around the side of the stage as well as on a V-shaped truss upstage.

The Robe MegaPointes were used extensively in both spot and beam modes and, being so effective in both modes, in addition to the wash functionality, it meant that using them could actually reduce the number of units needed.

Pettit ran all the lighting from a MA Lighting grandMA2. “The MegaPointes were right at home in this year’s rig. They were perfect for both impactful beam looks and huge gobo breakups, using multiple prisms to fill the arena.

“The LEDBeam 150s with their huge zoom range were great as a secondary wash fixture, and also eye-candy when needed and looked great on camera all the time”.

DMX productions took delivery of the Robe LEDBeam 150s and then invested in Robe MegaPointes at the end of 2017, SJ is delighted with the investment and has received very positive reviews from clients already.