Megapixel: Redefining visual technology

In a bid to deliver spectacles that captivate audiences worldwide, Megapixel expands its multinational team and embraces the emergence of cloud-based solutions.

Amid the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of live entertainment technology, Megapixel has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the field of LED processing, real-time monitoring, and bespoke live event solutions. Founded in 2017, the firm has emerged with a clear vision – to be an engineering-first, solutions-driven organisation that tackles the most ambitious and technically challenging projects the sector has to offer.

From the outset, Megapixel has been driven by a ‘relentless passion’ for ‘flawless’ project execution. “We saw an opportunity to revolutionise the manufacturing space by setting new standards for quality and performance. Our journey began with the completion of the MGM Cotai project, at the time it was a monumental achievement featuring the largest amount of LED technology under a single roof,” Megapixel co-founder, Jeremy Hochman began – reflecting on a project which would become a litmus test for the company’s creative capabilities, fuelling its determination to take on even grander spectacles.

“In our pursuit of excellence, we realised that controlling the very essence of our technology was paramount. Thus, we established our own processing and distribution infrastructure, solidifying our foundation to undertake ground-breaking ventures. Unexpectedly, our processing technology garnered attention from third-party display companies, leading us into a new dimension of business. Today, we proudly balance our roles as a processing manufacturer and a driving force behind industry advancement, while continuing to execute ambitious projects that keep our team engaged and excited,” Hochman reported.

One of the company’s defining moments was the sector-wide shift in LED processing by adopting a fibre-based infrastructure model. This is a concept Megapixel championed during its work on the MGM Cotai project which, in collaboration with Electrosonic, Smart Monkeys, and disguise, saw the team seamlessly power multidimensional art with hundreds of millions of pixels as well as an integrated theatre with 10,000 sq ft of LED, making it one of the world’s largest theatrical LED screens with 28 million pixels.

“This innovation proved prescient, as it set the course for the future of LED processing. The transition from baseband technology to network topology is now the norm, with both fixed installations and live events embracing this progressive approach,” Hochman said, explaining the driving force behind Megapixel’s popular onsite aggregation and monitoring tool. “OMNIS was born out of our necessity for 100% uptime in LED panels, and it serves as a comprehensive solution for logging, diagnostics, and remote monitoring. Our products are not just inspired by market demands; they emerge from our hands-on experience in executing projects successfully.”

Megapixel’s rapid ascent has been punctuated by landmark projects, with its continued involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest a cornerstone achievement. “This massive endeavour required meticulous coordination and unwavering support for our partners at Creative Technology and Faber Audiovisual. Our technologies, including HELIOS and OMNIS, played pivotal roles in monitoring LED displays, projection systems, power management, networking infrastructure, and video routing, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable event,” Hochman stated proudly.

Looking ahead to the future of live events, Megapixel continues to push the envelope of technical innovation. “Our involvement in XR projects predates the very term ‘virtual production’, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of LED processing and physical construction. We understand that onsite technicians require user-friendly, reliable equipment, and we incorporate their feedback into our product development process. From ultra-fast seam adjustment to device-agnostic interfaces and cutting-edge cabling infrastructure, we prioritise innovation for the benefit of live event technicians.”

The year 2024 promises continued growth for Megapixel, following the expansion of its team and the exploration of new horizons. “We’re excited to offer a 100G ST 2110 input module for our HELIOS platform, catering to the evolving needs of the live events industry. Our cloud platform, designed for HELIOS and OMNIS, empowers users to deploy and manage installations remotely – a feature set to become increasingly crucial in the coming years,” Hochman said, noting that cloud technology will enable users to support each other from anywhere, monitor equipment globally, and manage entire fleets effortlessly.

“I believe this level of sophistication we bring to the display industry is unrivalled, and we are constantly striving to raise the bar – down to the pixel.”

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Megapixel