Marbo Trade selects Claypaky for Florian Pittis tribute concert in Romania

Marbo Trade deploys large array of Claypaky fixtures for Flowers of the Soul: Remember Florian Pittis. Photo: Claypaky

A large array of Claypaky fixtures illuminated the eighth edition of Flowers of the Soul: Remember Florian Pittis – a two-day tribute concert held in Bucharest last June honouring the Romanian stage and television actor, folk singer, writer and director who died in 2007.

“It can be tricky to create something for an already installed simple stage, but with the help of Claypaky fixtures we managed to design a friendly folk music festival in the heart of the city,” reported Lighting Designer, Bogdan Gradisteanu of Marbo Trade, a Bucharest-based production and rental company and Claypaky distributor.

For the rig he used a selection of Claypaky Sharpy, Mythos 2, HY B-EYE K15, Scenius Profile, Mini-B and Stormy CC fixtures. Sica Gradisteanu was the Technical Manager of the festival. “We chose them for their versatility to accommodate all the different performances during the festival,” Gradisteanu explained. “Since the event was also recorded, we needed to add a touch of television artistry to the show.”

The lights were positioned upstage, along the sides of the stage, at the top of the stage and on the stage itself providing a full range of coverage for every artist. “The B-EYEs were perfect for background, covering the stage and offering rotating lenses and predefined shapes that were visible even during the daytime,” Gradisteanu pointed out. “The Mythos 2 gave us the long range beam output we were looking for, and the Scenius Profiles covered the top of the stage with gobos. We used the Stormys for the different color palettes in the songs and also for its full strobe capabilities during the more rock-oriented songs. Mini-Bs pin pointed the singers, and the Sharpys – well, they were the famed Sharpy beams at their fullest!”

Gradisteanu notes that the Claypaky fixtures “performed flawlessly” and did what he expected them to do. “The support we got from Claypaky is the best you can get. Every time we have a chance to make history, Claypaky steps in and helps us create a spectacle!” he concluded.