MA Lighting and Queens of the Stone Age Go With the Flow

Photo: Anja Epkes

Since forming in 1996 Queen of the Stone Age have been a constant in the worldwide Rock’n’Roll circus, for their 2018 tour lighting designer Emmanuelle “Gigi“ Pedron has given the band a unique look onstage. Using an MA lighting grandMA2 full-size as her creative tool of choice, she has also transformed this into a piece of art itself.

Gigi commented on her choice of MA Lighting: “I started touring about 19 years ago and the MA Lighting Lightcommander 24/48 was the first console I ever touched. Ever since I have exclusively worked with MA. I’ve used them all, from Scancommander to the latest grandMA2 running the most recent software versions and very soon I hope to utilize the grandMA3!”

“I’ve been customizing my console for a long time now. I change the theme and color according to the tour design. It’s E-Tape art”, continued Gigi.

The tour’s lighting equipment was supplied by Upstaging in the U.S. and Christie Lites in Europe.