Luminex Introduces LumiCore

Luminex Network Intelligence introduces the newest addition to the LumiNode family.

Luminex Network Intelligence has introduced LumiCore, the newest addition to the LumiNode family. Designed to allow simple, flexible control of network Lighting data from multiple sources LumiCore routes, merges, converts, restricts and allows multiple streams of ArtNet and sACN data from multiple sources to be managed in a clear intuitive way.

Designed to provide simple management of the increasingly complex task of integrating different network lighting elements, LumiCore is ideal for easily managing multiple lighting consoles at a festival, routing lighting control from gallery to studio in TV, integrating remote followspot systems into a lighting system, separating Lighting data from a venue IT infrastructure, or merging media server data for pixel mapping large LED arrays.

LumiCore features 64 process engines, each manipulating multiple universes of lighting data, and allowing converting, merging, routing, or backup. LumiCore is built into a robust housing taking just half the width of a single 19” 1U rack slot, or capable of being mounted on truss.

LumiCore follows the core Luminex philosophy of making complex network tasks easy to manage, designed for the lighting professional.