LPS Lasersysteme celebrates 30 years in business

LPS Lasersysteme’s Siggi and Martina Ruff reflect on the highs and lows of producing and supplying laser shows and systems in the ever-changing and challenging live entertainment market.

Starting as one man’s vision to produce and supply the best and brightest laser sources, LPS Lasersysteme has become a go-to for production teams and festivals across the globe for three decades. “Over the years, we’ve built great business relationships and synergies with partners who we see more as friends,” said owner and CEO, Siggi Ruff.

LPS began with the production, sale and installation of its own laser show systems in live entertainment spaces, nightclubs and bars, and festivals in the mid-1990s. The company took a giant leap forward in 1995 when Ruff’s wife, Martina, joined to take care of advertising and production.

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Tim Hope & LPS Lasersysteme